SafeCare aims to support basic healthcare providers in resource-restricted settings to go through stepwise structured improvement programs, to deliver safe and quality-secured care to their patients, according internationally recognized standards.

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Stepwise improvement

Introducing standards that enable healthcare facilities in resource-restricted settings to measure and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their services and allow for rating and benchmarking of providers across the health system.

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Remembering Joep & Jacqueline

The loss of our two beloved and greatly admired colleagues is devastating. Not only on a personal level for their families, friends and colleagues, but for the world. We have collected the most poignant news articles in leading international publications, comments from international thought leaders and our own memories.

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SafeCare has developed standards for different categories of healthcare providers in resource-restricted settings.

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PharmAccess Group


PharmAccess is dedicated to improving access to quality health care in Africa for low-income groups by strengthening the private healthcare sector.

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Our clinics


Our clinics are located in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. SafeCare has helped over 1000 clinics improve their quality.

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