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Oct 15, 2015

Investing in continuous quality improvement of healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa: Spotlight on Siloam Hospital

Siloam Hospital is one of the nearly 1000 clinics that have received loans from the Medical Credit Fund. The Hospital is a private, 78-bed hospital in the highlands of the Great Rift Valley in Kericho County, Kenya where most of the people in the area work in tea, flower or dairy farms. About 70% of patients seeking care at Siloam are low-income earners. About a third of Siloam’s patients are children. On the verge of paying off their third loan through Medical Credit Fund and committed to further improve the quality of their healthcare services through SafeCare, Siloam Hospital is working hard to serve their community to their full potential.

“This program has opened our eyes to areas where we could improve on our operations and services.” This ranges from the importance of handwashing to knowing not to store flammables with the other medicines in the pharmacy. “The hygiene has greatly improved. We have seen an enormous decline in infections and our patients spend less time in the hospital.” Said Alice Bett, one of the founders and owners of the hospital.

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