Capacity Building

SafeCare has developed training modules to build capacity amongst its partners and the facilities.

For the past year SafeCare has focussed on building efficiency and (cost) effectiveness to enable rapid expansion and ensure long term sustainability. Building capacity for program management in the country offices has become increasingly important. This includes strengthening in-country leadership and stepping up quality control and data checks by qualified staff.

The PharmAccess offices in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania have recruited SafeCare senior assessors who have gone through a rigorous training process to qualify for senior assessor. Similar to the SafeCare standards, this SafeCare senior assessor training process is fully compliant to ISQUA regulation. SafeCare senior assessors, employed by PharmAccess, are in different stages of their training curriculum. Second, quality officers employed by the local TA partners are trained to qualify as assessor. They guide and mentor the quality improvement process with the facilities.

Click on the infographic to view the latest result's overview:

Training programmes are available at all stages of the SafeCare programme. This includes learning how to understand, interpret and implement the standards, quality improvement and patient safety as well as self evaluation against the standards. To constantly reinforce the learning process, SaefCare has developed on-site training and will use e-learning modules and videos.

Click here to download patient posters SafeCare has developed to explain and illustrate the improvement process. 

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