Mission & Objectives

Placing the issue of safe healthcare provision on the agenda in resource-restricted settings.

SafeCare aims to improve the quality and safety of healthcareservices in resource-restricted settings using incremental standards based recognition and by building institutions that can objectively measure and rate levels of quality and patient safety in healthcare providers.

SafeCare’s vision is to become the world standard for benchmarkingand improving quality of healthcare providers in resource-restricted settings through stepwise recognition of quality improvement.


  1. Improving quality of care of primary and secondary health care facilities in resource-restricted settings through and external evaluation system based on standards and step-wise quality improvement trajectories.
  2. Rating and benchmarking across healthcare facilities, franchise networks and resource-restricted countries
  3. Establish a basis for performance-based payout and funding systems for healthcare improvement.
  4. Work in a legal framework that is accepted by the local and national authorities and may be extended to a national certification and/or accreditation system for both public and private healthcare providers.