Day 1

1. Onno Schellekens

Institutionalizing quality of care

2. Nicole Speaker

Quality in Practice

3. Paul vanOstenberg

The Role of Licensing and Accreditation

4. Nathaniel Otoo

HFRA a structured approach from Ghana

5. Kelechi Ohiri

Setting the government agenda for regulation - the Nigeria experience

6. Lucy Musyoka

Development of the Kenyan quality policy

7. George Midiwo

Development of the Kenyan quality policy

8. Abdulraheem Oba Sulyman

KSHI financing

9. Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang

Making private facilities bankable


Day 2

1.  Millicent Olulo Orera

Quality of the pharmaceutical sector - the global fellows initiative

2. Alice Bett

Quaility of care - a provider perspective

3. Nicholas Sowden

Quality and consumer branding

4. Samwel Ogillo

Self-regulation - the private sector perspective

5. Mike English

Quality of care - defining measuring and monitoring

6. Edward Nketiah-Amponsah

Clinical quality and perseived quality of care

7. Modupeola Oludipe

The SafeCare initiative