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SafeCare Methodology Paper published by the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

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SafeCare’s Methodology paper has been published by the peer-reviewed publication the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. This monthly journal is dedicated to providing health professionals with the information they need to promote the quality and safety of healthcare.

The paper describes SafeCare’s principles, innovations and components and delves into key steps in the development of the internationally recognized standards. In addition, it also explores the implementation process and a summary of how the certification process provides a platform to support increased trust and transparency.

SafeCare was launched in 2011 as a formal partnership between PharmAccess, Joint Commission International and the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa. The authors are representatives of the three organizations, namely:  Michael C. Johnson, Onno Schellekens, Jacqui Stewart, Paul van Ostenberg, Tobias Rinke de Wit and Nicole Spieker

So far, the standards have been implemented in 1765 primary and secondary facilities by surveyors in partnership with local public and private partner organizations in six sub-Saharan African countries.

The standards and methodology aim to expand access to care and improve healthcare quality in Low and Middle Income Countries and to build trust between stakeholders as a foundation for country led quality monitoring systems.