Specially designed resources are available to support healthcare facilities with the COVID-19 pandemic. Access them here:

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Downloads and resources

These resources have been developed by SafeCare specifically for healthcare facilities in resource-restricted settings.


Downloadable, printable, resources for healthcare facilities and their patients specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic.

SafeCare4Covid app

With the free, globally accessible SafeCare4Covid mobile app facility staff can conduct a self-assessment using their own mobile phone, to check the availability of equipment, staff and supplies, as well as assess their own processes and knowledge to treat patients for COVID-19 while staying safe.

SafeCare has developed the SafeCare4Covid app using data, documentation and guidelines developed by the WHO, to prepare and support healthcare providers for COVID-19 worldwide. 

Find more information on the app in this this two-pager.

To access the app directlyvisit covid.safe-care.org

Information for patients

Stay safe poster

Posters designed for healthcare facilities wishing to inform their patients on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient poster

Poster designed for healthcare facilities wishing to inform their patients on the COVID-19 pandemic and how to stay safe.

Pregnancy poster

Posters designed for health facilities to educate pregnant women on how to stay safe.

Breastfeeding poster

Posters designed for health facilities to encourage women to continue breastfeeding, also when COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed.

Information for healthcare facilities

Posters, checklists, and guidelines designed for healthcare facility staff to inform themselves and prepare the healthcare facility for COVID-19.

Be ready for COVID-19: 6 steps

Poster designed for healthcare facilities to post in staff rooms and use as a basis for training purposes.

Guideline: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Recommended personal PPE during the outbreak of COVID-19, according to the setting, personnel and type of activity.

Guideline: Health facility preparedness

Guidelines for preparing your healthcare facility for COVID-19.

Risk assessment Kenya: patient presentation

Specific resource for Kenyan healthcare facilities to risk assess patient presentation during COVID-19 epidemic.

General SafeCare Resources

Healthcare posters

Poster: Clean hands saves lives

The 12 steps to clean hands poster.