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Improving Healthcare Delivery through Financing and Quality Standards – Anthon Memorial Hospital

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67. Nurse manager Kyeiwaa Esther Osei at the female ward attending to Rebecca Mensah. Anthon Memorial Hospital. Highlighted story

The Anthon Memorial Hospital is a primary healthcare facility owned and managed by Dr. Edenezer Owusu-Asiamah (Medical Doctor) and his wife Mrs. Jane Owusu-Asiamah (Nurse Educator). They took over the Anthon Memorial Hospital in 2011 as a clinic and have grown the business into a hospital.

The business is located in Alajo, one of Accra’s most densely populated low-income suburbs. The hospital operates with 68 personnel, among which there are 4 medical doctors, 5 physicians and 3 registered nurses and a laboratory technician. The hospital has three wards, holding a total of 10 beds. Anthon Memorial Hospital has drastically progressed from level 1 in 2012, to level 3 in 2017.

“We took over the clinic when a friend passed away. His sudden passing made taking over the clinic messy. I was still teaching at
the nursing school when this opportunity arose. So, SafeCare came at a time when we had no experience with organization whilst
Medical Credit Fund helped us with an initial loan to get thing running.

SafeCare helped us with organizing our documentation, getting equipment, and acquiring the right staff.

At first, our main challenge was making sure that our staff followed through on the changes. In order to do this, we wanted to
make sure our staff understood the importance of care. This way, improvements are more likely to be maintained. Which is why
we set up a quality team that regularly monitors our staff.

In terms of organization, the SafeCare library has provided us with clear guidelines on how to formulate certain documents like
company policies, human resource documents and job descriptions. These organizational changes have also helped us financially.
Because an orderly clinic makes clients feel at ease and will eventually lead to more clients coming in. Another financial aspect
that we have experienced are the electronic payments. Our clients can pay their bills without cash. So, clients can visit the clinic
whenever they have money in their e-wallet.” Jane Owusu-Asiamah, Operations Officer of Anthon Memorial Hospital