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Quality Platform

Through SafeCare’s transformative digital tools, stakeholders in the field benefit from an interactive, real-time quality management and monitoring platform. As well as helping to benchmark a facility’s performance, it allows the principles of continuous quality improvement to be integrated into daily operations and provides real value in a motivating environment.

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More than ninety percent of sub-Saharan Africa now uses a mobile phone. This offers a unique opportunity to harness new technologies to deliver valuable innovative advances in quality improvement.

We use technology to streamline our assessment process as well as to create an interactive quality improvement platform that gives healthcare providers and stakeholders in healthcare the means to guide improvement, investment and decision making. The SafeCare Quality Platform, an interactive quality-management tool, complements the technical assistance received from our expert team and helps to motivate and incentivize healthcare facilities to improve. From weekly challenges, connection to best practice examples, connection with assessors, and real-time progress information, our digital solutions are the first in providing a modern real-time path towards quality improvement. Moreover, it serves as a platform to connect different stakeholders to consistently build value for all.


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