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SafeCare Accreditation

SafeCare Accreditation is an independent, affordable, internationally recognized certificate of excellence. By reaching SafeCare Accreditation, a facility earns distinction in service provision and positions itself as a center of excellence.

SafeCare Accreditation facilities

Achieving SafeCare Accreditation means joining a collaborative of superior service providers and thought leaders who innovate and enhance quality in the health system.

Through implementing evidence-based practice, data-sharing and networking accredited providers set the pace for excellence in health service delivery. For equity investors in the medical sector, SafeCare Accreditation delivers the trust that their customers provide the highest quality of care, ensuring that their investment translates into sustainable high-quality clinical practices.

Through on-site consultancy, conferences, and direct contact with peers, SafeCare Accreditation consultancy provides training and progression for staff at all levels. It gives global recognition for healthcare providers for whom quality is a fundamental priority. The result? Healthcare that meets the highest standards.

The SafeCare approach made us focus on the entire process of care delivery. The program helped us improve patient management, identify gaps in leadership, and get more active in quality improvement.”

Dr. Humphrey Batung St. Joseph Hospital, Kagondo, Tanzania
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Do you want to distinguish your facility or group of facilities in the healthcare field, and strive towards excellence?

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