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SafeCare Steps

SafeCare Steps provides a clear, objective view of a facility’s medical and non-medical service provision and identifies gaps and challenges which need to be addressed. We arm healthcare providers with transparent and achievable goals, a tailor-made quality improvement plan, benchmarking data and tools which guide them through a motivating and manageable road to improvement.

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A SafeCare certificate of improvement, which includes the facilities name and score, enables the facility to increase patient and partner trust by publicly recognizing its current status and showing its progress as it advances in it’s improvement journey. To achieve the greatest possible impact, we capitalize on the potential of digital technology to create solutions which incentivize and provide a modern, scalable, and affordable path towards quality improvement.

As well as enabling healthcare providers to improve their quality, SafeCare allows other stakeholders – ranging from insurance companies, investors and provider networks through to governments – to strengthen healthcare delivery by accurately monitoring, benchmarking and providing the means to regulate healthcare quality and allocate resources more effectively. Objective data and due diligence reports on a facility’s scale, scope and quality of clinical services guide fact-based decision making, better grip on (health) outcomes, training needs, risk management for quality investments, contracting and cost-efficient improvement strategies. All to create sustainable impact and trust in the quality and safety of healthcare provision, hereby bridging the gap between today and a safer tomorrow.

SafeCare certificate levels


The quality of the services provided is likely to fluctuate and there is a risk of unsafe situations.


The facility is starting to put processes in place for high risk procedures. However, the quality of services provided is still likely to fluctuate and the risk of unsafe situations remains high.


The facility is starting to operate according to structured processes and procedures. However, not all high risk procedures are controlled, thus the quality of services provided can still fluctuate.


The facility is accustomed to operate according to standardized procedures and has started to monitor the implementation of their procedures and guidelines. Most of high risk procedures are monitored and controlled and the quality of services provided is less likely to fluctuate.


The facility is regularly monitoring the implementation of treatment guidelines and standard operating procedures through internal audits.

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Since we’ve improved our quality, customers have gained trust in our facility and we’ve seen a 40% increase in patients.”

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The SafeCare Quality Platform

SafeCare’s Quality Platform provides value for all who aim to improve quality and enhance informed decision making in healthcare provision. Information on the scale, scope and quality of healthcare providers, plus insights in their progress and engagement provide an integral overview of quality and quality related data.

The Quality Platform incentivizes healthcare providers and guides their improvement with actional feedback. From real-time progress information, chatboxes and badges to benchmarking, SafeCare’s digital solutions provide a modern path towards quality improvement. For other stakeholders the Platform aids more informed decision making, reporting, allocating resources, cost-efficient improvement strategies, better grip on (health) outcomes and risk management for quality investments.

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