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Poor healthcare in resource-restricted settings leads to millions of preventable deaths each year. Our goal is to create a sustainable quality footprint that drives improved clinical and patient safety together with better health outcomes.


For funders who seek to improve healthcare provision in their health programs or provider networks, SafeCare standards provide a transparent and independent view on the quality of healthcare provision.

They can directly improve healthcare provision by identifying gaps and challenges, defining investment and training needs, gaps in human resources, capacity requirements and referral structures as well as provide a tailor-made stepwise quality improvement plan to resolve the issues found. SafeCare offers practical, low-cost solutions specifically designed for challenging environments, which can be tailored to specific topics in line with your company or organizations’ mission (e.g. MNCH, HIV/Aids) and implemented together.

The stepwise quality improvement approach is supported by innovative data collection and real-time, customizable dashboards on the Quality Platform. These support reporting and allow for online monitoring of progress and impact, quality benchmarking and generating insights needed to determine where best to allocate financial resources.

All with the aim of improving measurable outcomes and ensuring more informed decision-making in resource constrained countries across the globe.


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The SafeCare Quality Platform

The SafeCare Quality Platform provides value for all who aim to improve quality and enhance informed decision making in healthcare provision. Information on the scale, scope and quality of healthcare providers, plus insights in their progress and engagement provide an integral overview of quality and quality related data.

The Quality Platform incentivizes healthcare providers and guides their improvement with actional feedback. From real-time progress information, chatboxes and badges to benchmarking, SafeCare’s digital solutions provide a modern path towards quality improvement. For other donors and funders the Platform aids more informed decision making, reporting, allocating resources, cost-efficient improvement strategies, better grip on (health) outcomes and risk management for quality investments.

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