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SafeCare standards provide an internationally tested and proven model for building a country-owned regulatory framework in which governments can accurately assess, manage and improve the quality performance of their healthcare facilities.

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The SafeCare methodology creates the infrastructure and provides the building blocks that can be used under a government’s own quality label and ownership. It gives the flexibility and capacity to be cost-efficiently applied at scale, without the need to re-invent the wheel or invest in expensive software development.

Benchmarking and transparency allow scarce resources to be more effectively allocated and provide a structure for the regulation of quality of care; resulting into strengthened healthcare systems and informed decision making.

To date, SafeCare standards have been adopted, adapted and institutionalized by Nigerian state governments in Kwara and Lagos, and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC). More recently, Kenya’s Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance Fund (NIHF) was advised by SafeCare on their Quality Tools.

SafeCare is a step in the right direction. Kenyans are starting to feel that the care provided has significantly changed.”

James Macharia former Cabinet Secretary of the Minster of Health, Kenya

Our healthcare systems strengthening package includes up-to-date quality standards tailored to resource-restricted settings. They cover the full range of facilities, from basic health centers to referral hospitals, and the full breadth of medical and non-medical aspects of healthcare facilities. The rating and benchmarking system allows governments to set the basis for regulating and incentivizing quality of care.

Our team of qualified assessors provide extensive training, mentoring and quality consulting to build capacity and enhance knowledge of the in-country teams. Local assessors receive detailed training on skills and working practices of the databases, digital tools, quality improvement methodology and will be mentored in order to ensure they are fully equipped with the working practices they need to strengthen their healthcare system. Our quality expertise and consulting services are also available for setting up policies and governance structures for quality institutionalization, as well as training leaders and managers in data interpretation and decision making.

Innovative data collection and reporting tools enable real-time clinic assessments, online monitoring and provide a stimulating and motivating environment for healthcare facilities to improve the quality of their services. By institutionalizing the use of our clinical standards and quality tools, we are providing the essential elements for sustainable quality of care.


The SafeCare Quality Platform

The SafeCare Quality Platform provides value for all who aim to improve quality and enhance informed decision making in healthcare provision. Information on the scale, scope and quality of healthcare providers, plus insights in their progress and engagement provide an integral overview of quality and quality related data.

The Quality Platform incentivizes healthcare providers and guides their improvement with actional feedback. From real-time progress information, chatboxes and badges to benchmarking, SafeCare’s digital solutions provide a modern path towards quality improvement. For governments the Platform aids more informed decision making, reporting, allocating resources, cost-efficient improvement strategies, better grip on (health) outcomes and risk management for quality investments.

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