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SafeCare Standards, and our quality improvement program, enable companies to accurately assess, monitor and track healthcare quality.

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SafeCare provides companies – ranging from insurance firms and investors through to provider networks – with a transparent risk reduction strategy that facilitates and helps manage return on investment.

By using the SafeCare system:

  • Insurance companies can determine which facilities to contract in order to ensure value for money. Keeping an eye on better alignment with priorities, grip on outcomes and performance monitoring.
  • Impact investors can conduct thorough due diligence and risk management checks, before committing their investment.
  • Provider networks can monitor, regulate and incentivize their facilities.


For all partners that issue equity in the medical sector, partnering with SafeCare Accreditation delivers confidence that their customers provide the highest quality of care, ensuring that their investment translates into sustainable, high-quality clinical practices.

SafeCare is an established consistently updated methodology, with clear building blocks which can be also licensed and used efficiently. Our standards are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA). SafeCare’s package includes up-to-date quality standards tailored to emerging markets. These cover the full range of facilities and the full breadth of medical and non-medical aspects of healthcare facilities, while the rating and benchmarking tools can be used for due diligence purposes, contracting, informed decision-making and incentivizing quality improvement.

Data collection, analysis and reporting is digitized to provide fast and efficient reports and improvement plans, while innovative data collection, reporting and quality management tools enable real-time clinic assessments and online monitoring.

Digitized quality improvement plans are created from local assessors using mobile devices. Assessors receive detailed training, education and mentoring to ensure they are fully equipped to operate in SafeCare’s standards and assessment environment.

The result? Increased knowledge, transparency and trust throughout the system, ensuring long-term quality and safety improvement.


The SafeCare Quality Platform

The SafeCare Quality Platform provides value for all who aim to improve quality and enhance informed decision making in healthcare provision. Information on the scale, scope and quality of healthcare providers, plus insights in their progress and engagement provide an integral overview of quality and quality related data.

The Quality Platform incentivizes healthcare providers and guides their improvement with actional feedback. From real-time progress information, chatboxes and badges to benchmarking, SafeCare’s digital solutions provide a modern path towards quality improvement. For private partners the Platform aids more informed decision making, reporting, allocating resources, cost-efficient improvement strategies, better grip on (health) outcomes and risk management for quality investments.

SafeCare gives clinics the opportunity for all-round improvement.”

George Ogbonnaya Vice President of First City Management Bank, Nigeria

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