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Subol’s Hospital big audacious goal: reaching SafeCare level 5 in 2019

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Subol Hospital, a private hospital in Lagos State, has been a well-known client of SafeCare as they have progressed through the quality journey since 2012.

In 2013, Subol Hospital won the SafeCare Award for Excellence as they were the Most Improved Facility in 2012-2013. Over the years, Subol Hospital has done a remarkable job in improving their quality from level 1 all the way up to level 4. To celebrate a new year of the quality improvement journey, SafeCare spoke with Dr. Layi Bello, Medical Director of Subol Hospital to find out what their goals are for the coming year.

Subol Hospital is committed to providing first class and unique healthcare services to all, irrespective of social class. It is Subol’s vision to become the caregiver known for providing affordable and quality services to all. In order to achieve this goal, Subol’s facilities need to continuously invest in quality improvement in all of their services. Dr. Layi Bello, Medical Director of the Subol Hospital states that SafeCare has been their guiding beacon with regards to quality improvement.


The impact of implementing SafeCare standards has been very rewarding. It has provided the confidence in both clients and our staff. Plus, it has also brought recognition of private companies, who now want to partner with us

Dr. Layi Bello Medical Director, Subol Hospital